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We left early this morning as we had to get up to D.C. for a last second gig with a solid brewpub in Arlington, VA. In order to meet their timeline, we needed to drive there, and it was a 250-mile trip from Wytheville, VA. We said goodbye to Peter and Ilsa, who were a few doors away from us, and then took off. It was a long drive, but I was able to grab a few more winks, so I did some “bobble-doll” head movements as my chin rested on my chest.

We arrived for our appointment with the brewpub on time, but unfortunately, the owner was not able to make it to the filming. Craft Beer Week was on tap in D.C. and there were many local events to support it. Therefore, he was not able to get away and come back to the brewery for a shooting. It was definitely frustrating, as we busted our butts to be there on time for him. We still have another gig in the afternoon, so we werelooking forward to that.

We killed some time by taking care of a few things like stopping at the grocery store, then stopping at Terry’s cell phone provider as he was not receiving service. When 2:30pm rolled around, we went to downtown D.C. where we visited a restaurant that makes its own beer, but it is not in the same category as a brewpub. The place is called Churchkey and has a two-story building in a perfect location, where so many local people tend to hang out.  We had made an appointment with the Director of brewing, Greg Engert about two weeks prior. The filming was quite good, and Greg is so knowledgeable about beer.

Then we went to our Warm Showers hosts, Bob and Sarah, in Hyattsville, MD, not far away at all. Bob and Sarah were very welcoming as they immediately put the beds in order for Terry and I. Bob and Sarah also provided us with dinner and wine, which we absolutely appreciated. We spoke about our ride, and listened to Bob’s stories about his biking, although when he was younger he was a standout long-distance runner. He was invited to events internationally back in the 70’s (when he was a young chap), and with his knees feeling the sum of all that running, he now bikes. Sarah is not a cyclist — is more avid in politics and social issues (she attends meetings regularly in her community). They both recently retired, and have two kids in their 30’s who live outside of Hyatsville.

After the great dinner and conversation, Terry and I hit it around 11pm.