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Springfield MO Craft Beer  | Mother’s Brewing Company

Springfield MO Craft Beer | Mother’s Brewing Company

By on July 30, 2013 in Beer On A Roll, Bike, Blog

This is from our final day in Springfield, MO — the day we filmed at Mother’s Brewing Company.

This morning I did two things: completing more of my “Beer on a Roll” work from my computer, and playing out in the front yard with Brady, the 6-year old. As I mentioned in my last blog, Brady has enough energy to kill a rhino. But I was up to the challenge this morning, so I took intermittent breaks from my writing to kick a soccer ball and pitch the baseball to Brady, who could consistently hit the ball with the bat. That’s impressive for the average person, but very impressive for a 6-year old.

We made rules for the baseball game, the main one being when he hit the ball in front of him, he would run to a point in the front yard, then turn and run back to home plate. If he could do that before I could grab the ball, run after him, and tag him with the ball, he scored a run. But if I tagged him before he ran back to home plate, his ass was out. So we played this unique form of baseball for about thirty minutes…until his face turned red from exhaustion. I told him it was time for a break, as I didn’t want to be libel for his death. We were back at it about thirty minutes later, until his face turned red again. Even though he had won the game we played, I felt I had won, as I wore this kid out….and it was a win for Stuart and Kate, as he would sleep like a rock at bedtime.

The big event of the day was going to Mother’s Brewing Company for our filming. At 5pm, the weather was sunny and warm as Terry and I arrived at Mother’s. There were a few Mother’s employees having a beer together on their grassy area just outside the Tasting Room. While Terry was getting his camera set up, I said Hello to them and we struck a conversation. One of them, Marcus, told me that he would be playing in his band at the downtown venue where I visited last night, Patton Alley Pub. “I’ll be there!” I said.

It was great to see Jeff Schrag, the owner of Mother’s Brewing Company, again. I had enjoyed our previous visit last night at Patton Alley Pub. Jeff gave us a great tour of Mother’s, which included meeting with Brian, their highly-revered brewmaster. Brian gave us a nice interview, and you can tell, he has many years of experience. Then Jeff featured a few of his beers on the Tasting Room bar and described the features and taste of each one. I had a brown ale called Three Blind Mice, a medium-bodied ale with caramel, toffee, and subtle chocolate malt flavor. Another was a dark, stout beer called Sexual Healing. It had toffee, coffee, and vanilla…freaking delicious. I’m not sure it healed me sexually, but one can always hope with the next glass. 🙂

Since Mother’s had promoted our “Beer on a Roll” appearance on its website, the patrons in the Tasting Room were aware of me and my mission. So for the first time on this project, there were folks approaching me and asking questions about “Beer on a Roll”, how it began, why was I doing this, etc. Some folks asked to have their pictures taken with me, the “Beer on a Roll” guy. I felt almost like a celebrity at Mother’s. It was fun!

After leaving Mother’s, Terry, Stuart, Kate, the kids, and I went to Urban Roots Farm where there was an event that evening called Bread Jam. It included the folks who worked on the farm, where they gathered for a potluck dinner and some music—which they provided—for some impromptu jamming after dinner. It was a good-natured gathering, with a variety of fresh and tasty food. Following the Bread and Jam dinner and music, Stuart, Terry, and I went to Patton Alley Pub where we completed the evening watching Marcus and his band play some good ol’ Southern funk and rock. They were really good…in fact one of the guys played in another band which just completed a tour of Europe; opening for ZZ Top (must have been so amazing!).

Terry and I really enjoyed our stay with Stuart, Kate and their kids in Springfield, MO. They were so hospitable, generous, and fun to hang with. Hopefully we’ll see them again one day—maybe via biking, as they love to bike. We also thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Jeff Schrag and his crew at Mother’s Brewing Company. Thanks to everyone.