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Matt and I crawled out of our tents about 7:30am. I was whipped from yesterday’s ascent up the Sierra Nevada mountains, so it took me awhile to get my game face on. Matt took off to Carson City, NV, our next stop about 65 miles away. I continued up (yep, still going up 🙂 the Sierra Nevada mountain range, really looking forward to summiting Carson Pass. I biked and the more I biked, the more incredible scenery I encountered. Among the following pics are some great shots of the Sierra Nevadas and Carson Pass. Check them out here.

After a few miles of downhill, I entered into a small community called Woodfords. I took a stop there and had a great lunch at a home-like cabin nestled among some trees, just off the highway. It was great timing, as I was famished, and I had the most awesome BLT (with 3 fried eggs…it actually works!). I met a friendly couple — Larry and Liza Beth — who were playing an acoustic set in the restaurant for the lunch crowd.  Then I continued downhill (loving it!) northward on Hwy 88 into Nevada. The headwind grew strong and I pushed through it as I finally rolled into Carson City.

Just as I rolled into Carson, I met some students from MIT who were also biking the same route across the States. They were tired, so I offered to share some of my Core Power recovery drinks. They were up for it, so I met up with Matt at his car and broke a Core Power for all eight of them. They loved it… especially the variety of flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry/banana, and honey). I got a nice pic of us with our Core Power drinks — giving a big cheers!

Afterwards, Matt and I had a snack at High Sierra Brewing Co. and hopefully… we’ll see them tomorrow at lunch for a “Beer on a Roll” visit. I’m expecting an answer from the owner, Jim Phalan, in the morning. Off to a camping site and it was a winner, situated near a lake with the Sierra Nevada mountain range in front of us. I took a much needed shower, chatted with Matt, then hit the sack.