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This blog covers the 10 days I spent in Denver, recruiting for a new videographer, catching up on my website, meeting up with my father (after a 25-year estrangement), and hanging out with my nephews Josh and David.

My ten days in Denver has involved some real work…searching for and finally hiring a new videographer for “Beer on a Roll”.  A weight fell from my shoulders after that major task of finding a new videographer was completed. Terry, from Phoenix, AZ, was the man for the job and he seemed up for it. We spoke at length several times before we both felt comfortable partnering together on this project. He is here now. Today, 7/17, was our first day to work together as we visited our first brewpub, Wynkoop Brewing Company in downtown Denver. Terry brings so much experience with him, as he has been in the video production industry for over 30 years. He’s a genuinely good guy, and has quite a sense of humor too (as you’ll see in our upcoming videos!)

This time here in Denver has given me a chance to hang out with both my nephews, Josh and David. I stayed with Josh. Josh graduated from the U of Colorado (Boulder) a few years ago and is currently working for a bank here in Denver. He has his own bachelor pad in the downtown Denver area, about 3 blocks from the Rockies baseball stadium, and a plethora of awesome restaurants and bars. Josh has always been special to me, as we’ve always gotten along so well since he was a toddler. It all started when he was about two years old, and while running around in his Mom’s house, I found some freshly washed and dried laundry in a basket. I grabbed some socks and when he ran by me, I would toss the sock at him, and he laughed so hard when the sock hit him. So he ran faster, to make it more difficult for me to intercept him with another sock. It was of no use… I still nailed him. In fact, I would say, “Nailed you!” and he would laugh even louder. So that was what started the bond. He has the funniest (and sometimes sick… but I love it) sense of humor. He just cracks me up. While here, Josh and I ran around the downtown area almost every other day. We hit a few restaurants, went bicycling with the Denver Cruisers (a huge group of bicyclists), went out with his friends (they call me “The Unc”), and even enjoyed ourselves at a pool party that his apartment complex hosted. David is a funny dude, who is currently studying film at a local film college near Denver. He is a creative guy and has some great ideas to achieve his goals. He enjoys life so much that sometimes he forgets about his goals. He’s a good kid.

I also got a chance to meet up with my father for the first time in over 25 years. I had a major falling out with him when I was quite young and I decided that I didn’t want him in my life for awhile. I remember how I thought it would probably take a few years by the time I felt I’d be ready to reconnect with him again. Never did I think it would go on this long. But we began writing each other about a year ago, and when I ended up here in Denver—where he lived–it seemed appropriate to finally see each other again. So we had lunch together on Friday, 7/12. Wow how 25 years had changed him… he was so tall, strong, and handsome. Now he is 75, much older, and although still handsome for his age… of course different than what I remember. The lunch went very very well. It was such a good thing, and wow, it was a long time coming. I realized I missed him, and I hope we have a few more quality years together.

Here are some pics from my time in Denver… click here.