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For some reason I sleep so well in a room that has a cool-cold temperature… Matt left the A/C on cold, so I slept like a brick, until 9:30am. It was the most restful sleep I’ve had so far during “Beer on a Roll”.  My body truly needed it, especially after the tortuous ride from hell yesterday. I was looking forward to catching up on my blogs, downloading pics, etc. on my website. Cedar City is located in southwestern Utah and has a population of about 30,000 (a “real” city vs. the remote outbacks where we had been stopping), and a University. I strolled to a local coffeeshop with my computer, ordered some breakfast and immediately went to my website to begin work.

But wait. What?! The website is down! What’s going on??? I immediately called my webmaster and asked him about it, and he was as surprised as I. What was needed to make it “live” again was to update the domain name from the GoDaddy account. Unfortunately (and yes, I’ve learned my lesson!) it was in someone else’s account who had created the “mikebikehike” domain in their GoDaddy account. She was not reachable to go into her account and retrieve the information needed to make updates to the domain, as she was at a lake house in a very remote area of Michigan (the Upper Peninsula). I contacted via email and voicemails, two of her friends, and one of them was able to contact another friend who had her phone number at the lake house. Nothing could be done that day or evening, as the info needed was not available… it was not there anymore in her account. I was trying so hard to maintain my composure, but on the inside, my stomach was beginning to churn.

My webmaster, Marc — a good guy, was telling me that we’ll get it worked out. He was more optimistic about it than I, so I relied on his assurances that everything would be fine. I had some dinner later in the evening, but had a difficult time keeping this fiasco in check, as I have sponsors who expect that the website will be up and running at all times. I received a couple messages from friends about it, and said that we were working on it. I did alittle meditating in the evening so that I could fall asleep.