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Vietnam Bicycle and Motorcycle

Vietnam Bicycle and Motorcycle

Bike Vietnam

  • Author: mike2013
  • Date Posted: April 15, 2010
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  • Address: Vietnam
Vietnam 4

This is the scenic Nimh Binh area of Vietnam


This is the scenic Nimh Binh area of Vietnam, one day before Dengue Fever pretty much paralyzed me, requiring a week-long stay in a hospital in Hanoi. By the way, don’t get Dengue…it feels like you somehow—against all odds—survived being hit by a Mack truck (but really wish you didn’t survive).

Vietnam Meekong Delta

Crossing over a bridge in the Meekong Delta


Vietnam Motorcycle

Motorcyling across Vietnam


Here I am on a motorcycle, just before wiping out and getting a concussion and stitches.




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