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Telluride, CO – Beautiful Mountains!

Telluride, CO – Beautiful Mountains!

Bike Telluride, CO

  • Author: mike2013
  • Date Posted: July 3, 2013
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  • Address: Telluride, CO

Telluride is located in the southwestern portion of Colorado. The town is a former silver mining camp on the San Miguel River in the western San Juan Mountains.  The town was named Telluride for the gold telluride minerals found in other parts of Colorado. These telluride minerals were never located near Telluride, causing the town to be named for a mineral which never was mined there. Makes sense, right? Sure…..

It’s at an elevation of 8,500 ft. and has a population of about 2,300.  It is surrounded by steep forested mountains and cliffs, with Bridal Veil Falls at the head of the canyon. It’s a popular ski resort in the winter, and enjoys having festivals throughout the summer.