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Hey Everyone!

This day was highlighted by our visit to West Sixth Brewing Co. and hanging out with Bill as he showed me around Greater Lexington, KY.

First thing in the morning, I had to go over to Magee’s and have another sinful breakfast of two chocolate donuts, balanced out with eggs, bacon, and toast. I love a hearty breakfast! I spent most of the morning responding to emails and making follow-up calls to craft breweries that we’ll be visiting out east. Time just flies when I’m at my computer — it’s both an enjoyment and a source of frustration (as a lot of times, I don’t complete everything I’ve wanted). Oh well, that’s life when you’re biking, sleeping, writing blogs, constantly making phone calls and sending emails, and oh yeah….enjoying this adventure (sometimes that gets lost in everything else about this project).

This afternoon Terry and I went to West Sixth Street Brewery for the videotaping of their establishment. Their building had a pretty cool layout. It was a former bread factory, so there was plenty of room for production. Another part of the building was dedicated to growing basil for neighborhood restaurants. Finally, there was another part of the building that was large enough to allow Lexington’s local roller derby teams (women on skates…knocking down other women on skates) to practice during their season. It was very unique, but that’s what made it so cool. Terry and I met up with Ben, one of the four co-owners and learned about his passion for beer, the brewery process at West Sixth, and special attention to their two flagship beers, the IPA and Amber. The IPA was full of flavor, having hints of peaches, lemon, pine needles, and tangerines. It’s very hoppy, integrating Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, and Citra hops into the mix. It was very delicious and is also their first beer in a can! The Amber Ale is pretty darn good as well, and it’s their second beer in a can. The addition of rye gives the impression of toasted rye toast and candied pecans. It’s very sessionable too…at only 5.5% ABV. West Sixth Street Brewery is a great craft brewery in Lexington, KY!

In the evening, Terry and I had a potluck with Bill and Beverly for dinner. Terry and I provided some chicken and Beverly cooked some fresh veggies. It turned out to be a really tasty dinner, and I got the “homiest” eating a home-made dinner in their Kentucky home. After dinner, Bill took me on a drive around the great Lexington area, where he introduced me to some incredibly beautiful, green pastures where race horses were being bred. One road, the Pisgah, had an amazing “country” feel to it, as the road was adorned with trees on both sides—reaching over the road. We even stopped at the Keeneland horse racing track. Very impressive. To complete the evening, we stopped for a beer (of course!) at Country Boy Brewing…somewhat of a dive, but the beer was outstanding.