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Matt is usually up before me, taking Hurley for an early morning stroll. This morning I was out of my tent first, feeling motivated to break down camp, drive back into Telluride and chill out for July 4th. I was looking forward to the festivities and hanging with the locals. Let’s do this! Finally, Matt came out of his tent looking just as depressed as last night. He was quiet, not evening saying Good Morning, and maintained a serious expression. We broke down camp, packed the car and went to Telluride. It was dead in the car. Matt finally spoke, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I think you would be better off with someone else.” Why was I not even remotely surprised to hear that from Matt? Matt went on, “Pueblo will be my last stop.” I didn’t even want to discuss it with him, ask why and probe for more details. I had had it with Matt… the bottom line was Matt was breaking his word yet again, and I couldn’t really care about the reasons anymore.

After arriving into Telluride, Matt and I separated for the day and agreed to meet back at the car at 4pm. I was not feeling festive anymore, in fact I felt a nagging headache, along with feelings of anger and disappointment. I made a mistake hiring Matt. He is not an “in it for the long haul” kind of guy. He seems troubled… 🙁

I decided to look for some wifi, catch up on my website, make a few phone calls and put an ad up on Craigslist for a new videographer. Denver was not too far away, and I would ask my nephew if I could stay at his place for a few days, while recruiting for a new videographer. I finally reached my nephew Josh on my cell, and he said no problem-mo. Josh is a great guy…always had a good relationship with him, ever since we threw socks at each other when he was just a toddler. Yeah, it’s those kind of silly moments that can pave the way for a cool Uncle/Nephew relationship.

So at 4pm, Matt and I met up at the car and we went about an hour north to Montrose, to make the bike ride the following day a little more manageable. We found a campsite up in Black Canyon National Park, just east of Montrose. The Black Canyon is named on account of its steepness which makes it difficult for sunlight to penetrate very far down the canyon. As a result, the canyon walls are most often in shadow, causing the rocky walls to appear black. It’s quite a sight to see. There were a few others campers in the area as well. I heard mostly German and Dutch coming from the campsites. Wildlife abounds too. In fact when I went to get some water from the water fountain near our camping lot, I came across an adult deer who was drinking water from someone’s spillage near the fountain. I got up within about 20 feet of the deer and it didn’t run (must have been *very* thirsty), so I took a picture, flash and all. It didn’t budge…actually I think it winked at me.