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I was still tired when I got up at 7:30am, but I wanted to get started on catching up on my website (writing more blogs, listings, adding pics, etc.) I had a quick breakfast then came back to our room at the cheesy cheap motel (but even the cheesiest have Internet these days — thank goodness!).

As I sat down to begin my work, Matt announced that he was going to get a room at another hotel. When I asked why he said, “I have stuff to take care of.” I said it seemed alittle odd, given that he has wanted to save money, yet he would go get his own room in his own hotel. When I mentioned that to Matt, he said, “Yeah, but I just need to take care of things. Don’t worry, everything’s fine.” Still felt strange, like he was not completely forthcoming with me, but I bid him adieu and Matt took off.  Matt was almost rushing to leave, and again — he seemed to be holding something back. Why couldn’t he “take care of things” here in our own room? Or, if he wanted privacy, why couldn’t he do it at a coffee shop, vs. going to a completely new room at another hotel (which he didn’t share the name with me)? I began to wonder what the heck was Matt up to. Was he thinking of quitting? Or did he just need some space to concentrate on getting the videos from our prior brewpubs edited and uploaded? I was confused, but decided to just concentrate on getting my work completed. We would talk at some point tomorrow, and I’d share with him about how it just felt strange that he bolted like that.

I completed my work, and then went down to the bar to watch Game 6 of the NBA Championship between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. The Spurs *had* the Heat in the closing seconds, but couldn’t finish off the game by making their free throws… thus Miami barely squeaked out the win in the overtime period. but what a huge win to stay alive in this series. Nice sidetrack to the work on my website — I had been working hard.  I began thinking about Matt again and once again wondered what the heck was the meaning behind his leaving our room at the hotel and going to get his own room at another hotel.  I decided to just hit the sack and I’d see him in the morning.