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I began the morning in our Eureka, NV firing up my computer and going straight to my email. I found some replies to the job posting that Josh and Marc had put up yesterday for the Denver area. There were about ten replies. About three of them looked really solid and they were ready to go! I wrote back, letting them know that I’d be in Denver tomorrow night and would like to meet with them on Sunday morning/afternoon for an interview. I told Matt that I had some good possibilities lined up, and although this would set me back a few days, I was feeling more hopeful that things would work out.

Although it was a quick stop, Eureka had an interesting history. It was established in 1873 and formed after silver was discovered more than 100 miles east of Austin. The residents of the new mining camp complained that Austin was too far to go for county business and thus Eureka was established. Not surprisingly, it was named for the Greek term, “Eureka”, meaning, “I have found it.” I liked the old west flavor of this town of about 2,000.

I rolled out of Eureka at about 10am… headed for Ely, NV — a good 77-mile stretch, going towards the eastern edge — and in the middle of NV. Man, this is going to be tough, as there are several mountain passes to summit and I’ll be in the freaking middle of nowhere until Ely (a town of about 4,000). This will be Matt’s last stop as my photo/videographer, and we’ll be stopping at White Pine Brewing, which has a very unique set-up. It is run by a guy named Steve MacMillan, who brews the beer from a building adjacent to his home. It is not open to the public, only by private invitation only. More on that later.

I was feeling good, as I pedaled along Hwy 50 (again, the Loneliest Highway in America….we need to get her a date!) and there was nothing, and then even more nothing….which made me feel grateful that I had some support from Matt if needed — especially nice to know after I looked down into the netherlands of a land that looked like it might be Mars (and not one spot of civilization anywhere). Scary, but exciting at the same time. After a final pass, I descended into Ely at about 5pm. Whew! Good to be here! I felt like a lost ship that finally found an island! I called Matt at the hotel where we’d be staying and he was on his way out to meet me at Steve’s home brewery (White Pine Brewing). While waiting for Matt, I saw Phillip from the M.I.T. group I had met in Carson City, NV… tooling around on his bike. I yelled, “Yo, Phillip!” “Mike!”, Phillip responded. We caught up with each other and Phillip told me that he and the group were staying in Ely for a rest day. Tomorrow they would be heading for Baker, NV…the last stop before entering Utah. I told Phillip about going to a brewery in a few minutes, and then we split up. Good to know the MITers are chugging along.

So Matt and I caught up a few minutes later and went to Steve’s house. He met us there and immediately gave us a tour of his brewery… which again was in a building next to his house. Steve reminded me looked like the quintessential Harley Davidson biker dude, with his beard, headscarf, and bravado. He was one of the coolest, most generous guys I’ve ever met, as he proudly showed us around his brewery and then brought us into his home to meet his wife Diane and his friends. He brought out his Belgian sour — outstanding, and then we found out Steve won the World Gold Medal for this beer. Even the Belgians said it was amazing stuff. Steve has also taught at UNLV and abroad in Germany. He’s a renaissance man and although he can’t remember *everything*,  he can go on and on about any topic he does about  (and doesn’t pull it from his…). It was a great visit with Steve! Thanks so much my man — you’re the best.

I went out to a local restaurant (alittle buzzed, but fine) and had dinner. I met Matt back at the hotel around 9:30pm and said, “Well, I guess this experience at Steve’s was a great final stop, eh?” Matt said, “Well maybe we can talk about that.”  What?…….

Click here to see pics of the biking from Eureka to Ely, NV—as well as our stop at White Pine Brewery.