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This is about a day in downtown Philly, visiting the historic sites, and making a stop at Dock Street Brewery.

Again, it was an early morning and we had to be out by 7am. The cool part of this morning involved Chris and his buddy — both of whom work in downtown Philly — taking me with them into Philly via our bikes. What a treat, as we immediately went up and down some streets and then took a scenic path all the way into the downtown area. Both Chris and his friend continued on as I stayed at the Rocky statue next to the Philadelphia Art Museum, waiting for Terry.

After Terry arrived, we walked into downtown Philly, with the idea of doing some filming near some of the historic landmarks. We walked first to the Liberty Bell, then on to Independence Hall (signing of Declaration of Independence), and finally to Carpenters Hall where the First Continental Congress met to consider options in response to British policy — boycotting British goods was one of the options. This area was so rich in history…and I loved it. We stopped at a local tavern that went back in time as well. In fact the servers wore 18th Century regalia.

The other highlight of the day was making a visit to Dock Street Brewery, located about five miles from Downtown Philly. It has been around since 1985, and is located in a former Fire Station…a cool venue indeed! Not only is the beer phenomenal, but their pizza is so good they’ve been voted the best place for pizza, by Philadelphia Magazine. Marilyn, their friendly VP at the company, showed me around their establishment. They have a great beer selection on tap, with Justin — the Head Brewer — ensuring nothing but excellent beers are served to the patrons. While I was there, Justin was creating a pumpkin ale, dropping large amounts of pumpkin puree into the tanks. I’m sure it will be very tasty! The beer I tasted — and really enjoyed — was the OMG Pale Ale. It’s balanced by Columbus and Cascade hops for a mellow grassy and citrus flavor. It went well with their delicious pizza!

After our visit Dock Street Brewery, Terry and I went to Lambertville, NJ, about 35 miles northwest of Philly. We were greeted by our hosts Bill and Marianne. They were so friendly. Terry and I put away our belongings, then I took a shower. They had a beautiful house, which I learned was built by Marianne’s great-grandfather. Bill invited me to get a beer at the local tavern, only about 100 ft away. We went there and met up with two guys who ran a local bike shop. Bill introduced me to them and we had a nice chat and some beer for the next hour. Then it was bedtime, where Bill showed me my room back at the house. I fell asleep quickly.