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It’s nice to have another day off from biking, and dedicating some time to the business aspect of the project. Thus I was on the phone and writing emails, basically setting up appointments for the last ten days of “Beer on a Roll.”

Before going to bed last night, Bob told me there was a good bakery a couple blocks away, and to head there for breakfast. Why not? So I took my computer—in case they had Wifi—and walked the four blocks to this place called Magee’s. Ladies and gentlemen, this place had the best donuts I’d ever had (and I’ve had a few). I learned that Magee’s has been family-owned for the past fifty-five years, and has been on the same location, in the historic downtown, Main Street. I had to manage the guilt of having had two delicious chocolate donuts, so I ordered a eggs, bacon, and toast, with a massive glass of water. That’s one of the things I’ve enjoyed about my stops in small town America…hanging out at an old family-owned restaurant. It has more love in it than a chain restaurant.

After completing some work on my website, I left Magee’s and went back to Bob and Beverly’s house. I met up with Bob, who asked me if I wanted to check out a Craft beer brewery called West Sixth Street Brewery, one of his favorite stops for a beer. Btw, Bob has been teaching law at UK (University of Kentucky) for about 30 years and just recently retired. Beverly was working as a journalist for the town newspaper, and retired recently as well. They are both adjusting to seeing each other more often…and as Bob said, “It isn’t easy!” They’ve been married 49 years.

Bob took me to West Sixth Street Brewery and we spoke with one of the owners, Ben. I told him what I was doing and he said he would be interested to be part of the movie as well. We agreed to a 3pm shooting tomorrow. Cool! After we got back into the car, Bob gave me a quick tour of the downtown Lexington area. It seems like a pleasant place to live with everything they have for folks who are into art, the outdoors, fitness freaks, foodies, etc.

I told Terry about our spontaneous gig tomorrow with West Sixth Street Brewing Co, and he was excited that we now have a craft brewery to represent Kentucky. We couldn’t do the bourbon distilleries, even though they were abundant throughout the State. Bill and Beverly invited Terry and I for a pizza for dinner with their family. We met Will, their very cool son, and his wife Shelly (and their young daughters: Katie and Madison). It was a nice rest day today. We’ll do some filming tomorrow!