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Hey Everyone! Yes! Today I have a day-off from biking. My leg muscles have been sore lately as I have been reconditioning them again–since my two-week break in Denver, CO—for long rides. But today is not a total break from my work….I have so much to do to catch up. I have more blogs to write—requiring alot of effort to recount and employ my reflective thinking. I have many photos to edit/resize/crop. I have listings (the creation of each location on the first page you see when you fist enter the site) to create. Finally, I have follow-up phone calls and emails to complete. So this was a very busy day outside of being on the road.

It’s good to clear your head while writing so much, and my plan to do that was to get a haircut at one of the local salons. I hit the salons instead of a barbershop, because they just tend to do a better job—and seem to care more about the results. So I had a 4pm appointment and when the time arrived, Terry joined me to clear his head as well. So we took Terry’s car and he dropped me off at The Edge Salon and Day Spa. The owner herself, Kathy McGillivray, gave me a stellar haircut (Thanks Kathy!). Then we went to the grocery store and I bought some items for a dinner, as I decided I would cook (because I had so much free time 🙂 dinner for Terry and I.

Dinner rocked! It was an easy dish of pasta, grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and cheese. It’s nice the I learned to cook when I worked in restaurants as a kid, as I have something to contribute when I stay over at people’s homes via Warm Showers or Couchsurfing. I can bring something to the table (literally!). I’m not a fancy cook, but can make a few solid dishes, from which I’ve gotten nice feedback. That’s cool. After dinner, I continued working, and finally hit it late into the night. Tomorrow I’m back on the za bike!