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Today was about checking out the sites of D.C. on bicycle, with a tourist guide — also on bike — Bob, my host. Pretty damn cool that Bob took this day to show me around. He didn’t have to do that. But Bob is not only generous, he has a lot of energy and just loves to share with others.

We took off at 11am and went to D.C. via an excellent network of biking paths that stretch around the greater D.C. area, yet also continue north to Pennsylvania. It’s really impressive. Tomorrow I plan to take two of those paths northward as I bike up to a city called York, PA. It was a pleasant and scenic ride — about ten miles — to D.C. When we arrived to the Mall (basically the entire outdoor area between the Lincoln Memorial and The Capitol), there were throngs of people–no doubt, government workers–catching a quick lunch, before heading back to their desks. We made our first stop at The Capitol, where we took some photo opportunities. Of course, I had to do The Pose in front of the camera. Visiting downtown D.C. via a bike is *the* way to go, as everything was easily accessible and one was not caught up in the continual traffic–both public and private. If you have plans to visit D.C., that’s my high recommendation. Yes, the metro is great, but you can’t see the above ground aesthetics as you move to various areas of the city. Our final stop was The White House, where I had to take one more pic with The Pose.

At about 3pm, we took off and went back him via the Georgetown area. As it’s right next to Georgetown University, it was a pretty hip area with shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. Before we ventured off the Georgetown streets and onto the paths, we stopped at the bottom of the stairs that split two Georgetown apartment buildings. It was those stairs where the priest tumbled to his death in the 1975 movie, The Exorcist. Yes, I did a Pose pic in front of the stairs. Bob and I then went towards Bethesda as we scrambled back to his house in Maryland. Bob wanted to take me to a popular hangout for Happy Hour in Bethesda, so if we returned back to the house quickly enough, we could change, shower, and go to the establishment. We ended up biking thirty-five miles during our afternoon visit in D.C. (not bad).

Bob’s place for Happy Hour was fantastic. It was right in the heart of the restaurant/cafe district of downtown Bethesda. We had half-price champagne, wine, salmon, and steak (and not expensive at all). In fact the staff threw in some freebies as they love Bob, who frequents their place at least twice weekly (and generously tips them). We completed the evening visiting the Lincoln Memorial as well as the “W” hotel rooftop bar, where there is a stellar arial view of downtown D.C. Our final stop was Ford’s Theater, a short walk from the “W.” Amazing that just inside that building was where Lincoln was shot back in 1865. The theater is still functioning today, and it even has the seats where Lincoln and his wife sat in his last moments. However, those chairs are cordoned off from the rest of the seats. It must be eerie to be attending a show in the evening, especially if your seat is next to Lincoln’s. What history. What a great day as well. Thanks Bob.