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Traveling by bus from San Diego to San Francisco

Up early (5:45am) this morning to catch a bus for San Francisco and begin this crazy “Beer on a Roll” project. I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this! What the hell was I thinking…biking across the entire country to promote the Craft Beer industry? Why does doing this feel like some kind of a bar bet gone bad? I put this together at the last minute — two months ago in fact after a friend of mine, Brian, said “Dude you should do this!” I don’t feel as prepared as I need to be, but I’m going for it.

I’m not naturally a morning person, but I was soon moving around, gathering my things and packing Katie’s (my girlfriend) car. We left her apartment and drove 20 minutes to Mira Mesa, where there was a small bus awaiting to take me — along with about 10 others — to Orange County, at which point we would transfer to a much larger bus destined for San Francisco. I was worried that the driver might not take my bike onto his small/mini-bus, but he did. Yes! Katie and I gave each other a long goodbye and then I was off to Orange County at 7am.  Whew! I am actually going!

The ride itself was banal, not exciting, but that’s fine with me when it comes to transportation. Just get me there, no surprises along the way. We actually arrived into San Francisco about 30 minutes ahead of schedule, at 5:30pm. My belongings were unloaded from the hull of the bus, and when I received my bike, the front tire was completely flat. What the hell?! There was nothing the bus company could do. “Yes there is!”, I thought….”Pay for the cost of the tire.” But they just attributed it to bad luck; it wasn’t their fault. Good ol’ Matt, my videographer, showed up in his car to assist me, since I had no way to get around on a bike with a serious flat.

Matt took my two bags and watched the bike, while I took the flat tire to a nearby bike store. The guys at this shop were cool, as they immediately gave me a spare tube, and I was good to go again. I brought the tire back to Matt’s car, attached it to my bike, grabbed some gear and took off to my hostel, Adelaide, located just a few blocks south of Chinatown. Friendly reception at Adelaide, the reviews were accurate. In fact they even offered a free dinner of chili with meat and beans over a bed of rice. My famished self totally chowed down. Pretty damn good grub.

At about 9pm, I went down to the common room of Adelaide, and hung out with a multitude of Irish peeps. They just arrived to the U.S. and are all looking for summer employment. They told me that so far, it’s been tough to get a decent gig. I also spoke with Rae, a Chinese girl studying Engineering in St. Louis. She told me she has so many interests: Engineering, Physics, Law, and History. What a lazy ass. 🙂 Therefore, she said it’s difficult to make a choice about a future profession — doesn’t really know exactly what she wants to do. I’m sure she’s the only who has ever felt that. (ha ha)

Tomorrow Matt and I have an appointment for our first pub stop to kick off “Beer on a Roll“…21st Amendment, here in San Francisco. Looking forward to it! I’ll tell ya all about it tomorrow! Until then, drink a craft beer today! Stay thirsty for craft beers my friends. 🙂


Just got my tire fixed and ready to go to the hostel.