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It felt so nice to wake up and know that I didn’t have to ride to yet another destination. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved this biking adventure and project (“Beer on a Roll“). Seeing small town America by bike has been a unique experience and has been a joyous adventure to complete. It has also been a privilege to meet so many great people throughout the U.S. from California (hey bra!) all the way to New York (fuhgettaboutit!).  It’s also been a blast to meet so many great people in the Craft Brewing industry. You all freaking rock!

It was a beautiful day, as Terry and I went into Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn Brewery, in time to attend the 1pm public tour. It was too bad that Brooklyn Brewery chose not to have one of their staff join us and talk about their company/be a part of the Craft Beer documentary film. They were somewhat skittish, protective, and emanated an air of fear when I called them to see if they would like to be included in the film. Of all the craft breweries and brewpubs, they were the only one that exhibited such an introverted/awkward posture. It was really weird. Bizarre. I almost decided to go to another craft brewery, but decided to go ahead and finish with B.B. as I had heard they had very good beer. Charlie was the tour guide, very entertaining, knowledgeable, and funny as hell (the guy could do stand-up comedy). After the tour, Terry took some B-roll shots. One of my Twitter followers lives in Brooklyn, NY and has followed my ride across the U.S. She goes by the name, “Brooklyn Beer Bitch“. She met up with Terry and I, joining us for a beer after the tour. I must say, of all the lagers I’ve tasted across the country, Brooklyn Brewery had the best I’ve tasted. It was light, but full of flavor. A true thirst-quencher, but full of delicious taste. What a nice balance! There were additional exceptional beers on tap of course, but the lager did it for me today!

After visiting Brooklyn Brewery, the Brooklyn Beer Bitch recommended we stop for a beer at a place she said was *the* beer bar in Brooklyn, NY. The name was Torst. If you love beer, then this is an awesome place to visit in Brooklyn.  It has a long marble bar with wood taps that run a spectrum from white birch to dark oak stained, and correspond to the color of the beers they contain, which are written in soap pen on a mirror above each tap. Their chef gave us a tour of their place, which included a stop in their legendary beer cellar.

So that’s it folks. I’m done. The biking, the beer, the filming, the writing…all is completed. Next up is the post-production work, to create a DVD…that hopefully will be a decent piece of work. I’m going to write a book as well, and get it out to the public. “Beer on a Roll” 2013 is officially over. I’m going to see some U.S. Open tennis action then fly out of NYC and visit family in Houston and Austin, TX. Then, it’s back to San Diego. Thanks to everyone for following me on this trip/project. Thanks especially to those who emailed me (or via Facebook and Twitter) with encouragement and cheer.

Will I do a 2014 “Beer on a Roll”? We’ll see. 🙂