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El Dorado Hills NEW Brewing Company Fresh On The Scene!

So this morning Matt and I left Sacramento for our next destination, Placerville, about 35 miles east. We estimated we would be there by 2pm, then we could continue for another 2-3 hours depending on how things went. We were hoping to find a brewery along the way. We did! — in a small community about 15 miles west of Placerville called El Dorado Hills. Matt discovered the El Dorado Hills brewing companyMraz. It just opened last month, so it is truly fresh on the scene.

Michael Mraz is the owner and his staff consists of his younger brother Brandon, and his son Justin. Michael has been brewing beer for years from his home. He has actually won Home Brewing awards — pretty impressive, considering how many people like to brew from home. But his were so good, that his neighbors and friends kept telling him to open his own brewery, so finally Michael did. Now the community can come to his establishment, without having to call in advance or knock on his front door! Michael is quite a humble and modest man, as when I asked him what his goals are with the brewery he said, “I just want to make the best beer I can for this community. I’m not looking to become some big corporate establishment — just want folks nearby or just stopping by, to have a great beer.” It’s nice to meet a down to earth, real guy who runs a true family business.

We followed Michael around the back of his establishment, where he had a modest space set-up to brew his beer. It’s a tight fit, but for now it’s enough. However, Michael’s beers were so good, it might not be too long before that space gets too tight! 🙂 Speaking of his great beers, Michael shared with Matt and I his IPA and an American Brown Ale, which I had (and it was outstanding!). The IPA was a summer varietal.  It was light in color and had just a hint of candy flavor from the light malts. It was very drinkable, with the large amount of Centennial used in this beer. The American Brown Ale — again, the one I sampled — had a great smell from the Chocolate malt and hops. This was going to be a one time brew that will be brewed again (and again!).

Thanks again to Michael and his family for sharing their amazing brews, and if “Beer on a Roll” is back in your area again, I’m sure we’ll probably have to wade through the crowd to get a beer! So come now everyone, before the word really gets out! 🙂