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A small herd of cows walked past our camp in the morning, and when I gave them my best “Mooo!” they stared for a second, then picked up their trot. Matt asked, “Was that you or the cows?” Yeah, I can give a pretty good “Mooo”. Was I a cow in a prior life? 😉

Matt and I packed up the campsite, and we headed for a town called Hanksville, UT. I was feeling alittle “off” from the hard riding the previous three days, and the temperature was supposed to be up to 112 degrees. For the first time on my trip I decided to forgo one of my rides and get to the next stop via car. I felt a little guilty about that, but wanted to stay on schedule and feel 100% for the next two days of biking in the sweltering heat. So we drove about an hour until we reached Hanksville, a small and desolate town with just two motels. Matt looked for camping while I checked into one of the motels….I’d be able to catch up on some blogs (yes!).

Matt found a campsite, then came to my motel room for a break from the stiffling heat. He brought in Hurley, but dogs were not allowed. However, Hurley was a having a tough time with the heat. Matt took a chance and brought Hurley into the room, thinking that it would only be for a few hours (not spending the night) and then they would go back to the camp site after the temperature had dropped a little (to a more cooler 95 degrees). After about an hour, there was a knock on the door and it was the manager. She was visibly pissed, and started giving us the riot act about dogs, and that they are not allowed in the motel. 🙁 We explained that she was not staying the night, just didn’t want to leave her outside or in the car during the height of the heat. She was adamant that the dog could not stay even for a couple hours, and she also said she would charge $150 extra. Nice lady, eh? So Matt took Hurley out and they went to the campsite.

We would rendezvous early in the morning. I’d begin biking around 7am, before the serious heat arrived. It would only be a 50-mile ride to a place called Hite, and I could reach it at about 12pm. That sounded good.