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Hey Everyone….today is about my bike ride from York, PA to Philly.

As Debra and Gary needed to be out the door for work at 7am, I was up at 6am, trying mightily to wake myself up. That’s rough, especially when my body is telling me to continue sleeping after the previous day’s ride of 95 miles. Sorry body, we need to get up. Gary left early, so Terry and I thanked Debra for their hospitality. They were so nice.

Terry and I went down to a local coffee shop, got on their WiFi and planned where we would meet for today’s destination, Philadelphia. Our Warm Shower hosts were just outside the city limits, but I didn’t want to get caught up in the traffic as I neared their address. So Terry and I agreed to meet at a town just outside of Philly where we would put the bike on his car for the last ten miles to our hosts. The ride would be about 60 miles, a nice “break” from the previous day. Terry then took off and I stayed at the coffee shop to do some writing. Just then it occurred to me that my hefty backpack (about 30lbs of belongings) was still with me at the table. Crap, I forgot to put it into Terry’s car. Now I would be biking up and down hills with this extra weight. Schiesser!

It was definitely hot and humid today, and the sun was beating down on me. That’s ok, I put on plenty of sunscreen — just wish it would also protect me from sweating like a freaking pig too. I mean, I could take off my shirt at any given point, squeeze it, and a puddle would form on the ground. I had a good pace going as I wanted to meet Terry at our meeting point at 4pm.”You can do it!” I told myself. But there were so many small towns and therefore, a multitude of changes in streets to follow. Biking without the luxury of the Adventure Cycling Association’s bike maps made it challenging. I used Google, but it wasn’t as clear as what I actually encountered at certain junctures. Therefore I relied on the locals, and would ask for directions. I actually don’t mind that…it’s nice to say Hello to the locals anyway, and then they ask what I’m doing, and we have a nice chat for a few minutes. One place I stopped for directions was a car garage. One of the guys who was working on a car invited me to come into their office and use their computer, if necessary. He also offered cold water to refill my water bottles. These are the nice moments along the trip, another reason why I like stopping to chat with folks.

I met up with Terry just past 4pm, and we went to see our host, Chris. I learned that Chris was a home beer brewer—sweet! I told him about my “Beer on a Roll” project and he became very enthusiastic about our staying with him. I stopped at a store on the way over and picked up some extra craft beer as well. Chris was a cool guy, as he warmly invited Terry and I into his home. He worked in IT at a local university, was an avid bicyclist, made his own beer (damn good, too), was married, and had a young son. Chris definitely has a full life! He’s also an excellent cook, as he made a nice pasta dish, and home made bread to boot. He invited one of his friends to join us for some beer tastings, and we spent the remainder of the evening chatting and sampling Chris’ latest creations.