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Biking Springfield to St. Louis | St. Louis Brewery Visit

Biking Springfield to St. Louis | St. Louis Brewery Visit

By on August 1, 2013 in Beer On A Roll, Bike, Blog

Terry and I were working on our respective tasks for “Beer on a Roll” (there’s always so much to do to maintain our work) at about 8:30am. We confirmed our appointment in the early evening at 6pm at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in St. Louis. Then I contacted a couple other craft breweries for appointments in the next few days. Since we didn’t need to be in St. Louis until 6pm, we were able to complete alot of our work. I spoiled Brady yesterday, playing with him in the front yard. So this morning he kept asking me to come outside and play, so I told him that when it was 10am, I’d get out there with him. So I worked as quickly as possible until 10am and then went outside and ran the kid around until his face turned red, just like yesterday. Again, I didn’t want to be held libel for the possibility of his death, so I told him we (“we” meant “him”) needed a water break.

At 2pm, Terry and I took off to St. Louis. We took the car as we had spent several days here in Springfield and it set back our itinerary. The original plan was to visit here at Mother’s Brewing Company on Monday, but they asked if we could wait until Wednesday as that was the day the Tasting Room was open, and they wanted to have some patrons in the area during filming–which we totally supported. Terry and I booked it up to St. Louis and arrived in time for our visit/filming of Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. They were not originally on our list of breweries, but I had met a fellow bicyclist, Claire, in Utah and she knew David Wolfe, one of the founders of Urban Chestnut. Claire introduced us in an email and David was on board with having Urban Chestnut filmed and included in the documentary film. Wow, what a venue! There was an indoor bar, and an outdoor biergarten — the first I’ve ever seen — fully-decked with benches flown in from biergartens in Germany. It was great to meet David after all the emails, and what a cool guy. He was in gym shorts, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt….nice casual work clothes! I’m guessing he didn’t wear such threads when he was working at Anheuser Busch for 20 years in Sales and Marketing. 🙂 He was so positive and very comfortable in front of the camera. Then we met up with the Brewmaster, Florian, also formerly with Anheuser Busch for many years. He is originally from Germany, quite a great pedigree in the beer business. Florian was also confident in front of the camera and our interviews flowed nicely.

It was a beautiful sunny day so the St Louis biergarten was the place to hang out. Immediately after our filming, my friend Claire, showed up with her friends. Claire had just flown back into St. Louis from New York the previous day. She maintained a torrid pace on her bike as she tore across the U.S. It was great to see her again, and I thanked her for introducing David Wolfe and me. Later in the evening there was a film shown in the biergarten, about Craft Brewers in the U.S. It focused on certain craft breweries and their evolution from creating enough capital to create the brewpub to actually opening up their businesses. It also showed some of the obstacles and hardships some of the families endured while creating their dream. Terry and I watched, not only to learn more about the craft brewery industry, but also get some tips related to creating a decent documentary film. It was a solid film.

After the film, Terry and I drove a few miles to Doug and Brad’s place, where they were hosting us for the next two days. Brad had already gone to bed, so we chatted with Doug for awhile. We finally hit it at 12am. Long, but good day.