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Terry and I slept well at the Motel 6 in Pueblo. We both got busy on our respective computers—Terry doing some video editing while I updated my website and registered on a website called “Warm Showers.Warm Showers is a network of cyclists worldwide who offer their place for a night to other cyclists who are touring. It’s a worldwide network. I called a place where we would be in two days (Kansas), and the woman (Sarah) answered. She said she would be out of town when we arrived. However she told us where we could find a key to her house, and that we could still stay there. Nice!

Before departing Pueblo for Eads, CO, I went to a bike shop called Great Divide. I needed to get the wraps on my handlebars re-taped, as they had been gradually falling apart over the past few weeks. I stopped in, and this guy bounces out from the counter and says, “Hey! Can I help you?” Ya gotta love the bike culture! I told him what I needed and in no time he had wrapped a new grip around my handle bars. Terry then videotaped me in the bike shop explaining what I was doing and what I had done to my bike. Check it out here. Today I was riding 110 miles — quite a first ride after my two-week break in Denver. Was I setting myself up for disaster?

It was sad to see the mountains in the background slowly fade away. Darn…there will never be anything like them for the remainder of this ride to New York. That freaking sucks. So into the Plains of eastern Colorado, and what’s the word I’m looking for????….oh yes! — …booooring! I just pedaled along, stopping every so often for a water break on this warm, sunny day. Around 3pm, I made a stop in Crowley, CO (pop. Not Much) and grabbed a drink. Out of the blue, my friend up in Michigan, Bill Kennedy, gave me a call. It was great to catch up again—it had been awhile since we spoke, and all is well. Then I made my way to a small town called Ordway, and just as I sat outside the gas station chilling out, BAM!—a serious wind showed up and blew debris everywhere. After about a minute, sheets of rain plummeted to the ground. Wow! I really lucked out, as this was the only place for refuge for quite a few miles. The only problem was that I had to wait two hours for the rain to subside. That really put me off track to make it to Eads by 8pm, as I prefer not to ride in the dark.

I called Terry and told him that I’d probably make it about 20 miles short of Eads by 8pm and would need a lift to Eads. Around 6pm I continued on and there was still a lot of residual wind from the storm. Of course, it was a freaking head wind again. I put so much effort into my pedaling, and only managed a pace of 7-9mph (very frustrating!). If I had a tailwind (which has not occurred since Carson City, NV) I could possibly have made it into Eads on time, even with the storm setback. Terry picked me up about 8:30pm and went to Eads. Since the campground was totally saturated, we went to a motel. We got a good deal as the owner gave discounts to cyclists. Thanks!