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This is when we left KC for Pittsburg, KS, and then my bike ride from Pittsburg, KS to Golden City, MO.

Terry and I were up around 8am on this Sunday morning. We took out our computers and did some work before taking off. Ven and Michal went to Justin’s to offer support, and gave us the house key so we could lock up before we left. We thanked them for their generosity and friendship. We could not have had a better stay in K.C.

We were back on the road going directly south to reach the bicycle route from which we had deviated to come up for our visit to K.C. There was a town directly on the path called Pittsburg, KS. It was grey and overcast with some slight rain. That’s where Terry dropped me off and the next destination was Golden City, MO, a very small town (pop. 750) about 35 miles west of Pittsburgh. Just as I was about to leave, I noticed a couple who were also on bicycles and packed with panniers. They had to be fellow TransAmerica cyclists. Sure enough, they were…and when I waved they came over and greeted them. It was actually a couple I had met in Larned, KS about 5 days ago, going the same direction as I. They were Peter and his wife Jsla (pronounced, “EES-la”) from Holland. We chatted for a few minutes…they are a great couple with such a positive outlook.

After our chat, I took off westward along state Hwy-126 towards Golden City, MO. After about five miles, I came to the Missouri state border sign. I took a pic which included the “pose” (of course). I then picked up my pace to about 17-18 mph, as the headwind wasn’t as strong today. There were some decent hills and the scenery was much greener than a couple days earlier. There was still some rain and I was getting tired of the constant wetness, but at least I wasn’t biking under blazing heat.

When I arrived into Golden City, I met up with Terry and mentioned that perhaps we should find a motel, as the ground was too saturated to put up tents. Terry said he had met a pastor at a nearby church, First Christian Church of Golden City, and he offered Terry and I shelter for the night in the church gym. David Powell was his name — a very energetic guy with a wide smile. I ate dinner at the local café called Cooky’s Café, which has been around since 1942, and served some excellent homemade pies. The establishment has not changed and it almost feels like you have gone back in time when you enter the small, but homey place. The third generation of family was working there…nice folks.

Terry and I met up later with David and he welcomed us into the gym. There was some carpet where we were able to roll out our air mattresses and sleeping bags. David also offered us some fruit from the kitchen, to take with us in the morning. What a guy! Then to top it off, he gave each of us a book about adventure, and how men need it in their lives. I felt like the book was talking about me getting out of the soul-sapping, office-setting corporate world and taking on a life of true adventure. It’s not just *talking* about doing some great outdoor adventures, but actually *doing* them. I have only this one life.

Terry and I finally hit the sack around 10:30pm.