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A few days ago, while staying in the house in Leoti, and having it to ourselves while the owner was away – I remarked to Terry that this will never happen again. Yet here we were four days later in Hutchinson, KS doing the same thing. How funny. Now I feel safe to say that this will never happen again.

After writing another blog, I got on my bike and Terry videotaped me biking out of the neighborhood. The plan was to bike in a northwest direction–off the designated route–to Florence, a very small town…about 65 miles away. Then we’d put the bike on the car and drive 30 miles to Emporia. I wasn’t up for another century ride, and it was raining anyway, and I was getting quite wet. Why were we going off the designated route? Since we were only 110 miles away from Kansas City, we thought it would be cool to make a special stop there, as they have a few solid craft breweries. Emporia was about halfway there, and we were able to be hosted for the night from a person within the Couchsurfing network. It’s a worldwide network of travelers who host fellow travelers for a night or two. I’ve been part of this community for about five years now, and I’ve met some very cool people along the way.

When Terry and I arrived into Emporia, we went to a grocery store and picked up some dinner items, as I had suggested to our hostess that I would make dinner. Then we went to our Couchsurfing hostess’ place. Her name was Sara, a graduate student at Emporia State University and she has traveled a fair bit. Not long ago, she taught English in S. Korea for a year. Pretty cool. She was very welcoming, as she let us put our things in her apartment and make ourselves at home. I cooked dinner and Sara provided a nice bottle of white wine. All throughout dinner, we all engaged in good conversation about travel and politics. It was nice to speak with someone who had such great knowledge about history, as that was one of her degrees. She was a very intelligent person as well.

I asked about the beer scene in Emporia, and Sara said that although there were no craft breweries, there was a local place that served craft beers which were shipped to them. We went to this local place and I tried the Free State Brewery (located in Lawrence, KS) Ad Astra Ale. It was tasty. I admired Sara’s choice of a heavy stout, as most women don’t really go for the big, dark beers. We called it a night around midnight. Thanks again to Sara for being such a great person, and to host us on such short notice. Thanks!