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Today’s destination is Cave City, KY, which is slightly off the route but scenic enough that it would be worth a visit.  It was south of the route, sort of a circular circuit that included some caverns and some Civil War Battlefields. I’ve been inside so many freaking caverns in my life, that it was easy to forego those for the battlefields. I was stoked about visiting one of them.

I took off biking from Falls of Rough at about 10am and booked it (for you out-of-the U.S. readers, “booking” means moving quickly) to Cave City. The thing is, the route entails a lot of winding county roads. The county roads are awesome, as they don’t have a lot of traffic and you really get a great glimpse of the beautiful rural areas of America. You get to see true Americana, at the roots. Driving on the interstate highways does not lend itself to seeing America. Don’t do it, unless you must get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Take the state highways… and let yourself see the States. So as I said, the county roads (one tier below the State highways, but still a great way to see the states) proceed with a lot of winding turns… like a snake’s body. There is not a straight line to any destination here in Kentucky (as the crow flies?…no way, my friend). Consequently, you can cover a lot of ground and many miles. So if you can hop off the Interstate for a few minutes, do it; it’s worth it!

I had to stop and seek shelter several times due to the heavy rains, and one storm was just too much. It lasted way beyond its welcome. It was time for that storm to go home, but it wouldn’t. I got pissed off. Actually, I was livid. Ever since Missouri, it seems that every day there has been some rain. What the hell? I understand that we might encounter rain sometimes, and yes, it may occur on consecutive days. But every freaking day for the past two weeks has become ridiculous. My patience has been running thin with this f&$%ing weather.  Give it a rest, Mother Nature!

I was still about 25 miles from Cave City as I sat on the front porch of an abandoned home, seeking refuge from a monster rain. It was getting late, and soon darkness came to the party. Freaking darkness. It is the bane of a good bike ride. Turn out the lights, the party is over. The rain finally relented at about 8:30pm EST (yes, we’re now in the Eastern time zone), just as darkness was becoming more prominent. I really hated to do this, but I called Terry who was already in Cave City and had scored a good price on a hotel room. I asked Terry to come back and pick me up. I felt like a loser, making that request. I feel like I broke an internal commitment I have with myself to finish each leg of the journey. Terry, being the good guy that he is, got in his car and picked me up for a ride to our hotel in Cave City. It began as a promising day, but again, Mother Nature said, “Yo—today I tell you how far you get to bike”. Bitch.

I grabbed/gulped a couple Core Power drinks (they have saved my life throughout this journey), wrote a blog, and hit the sack. Good night!