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Yesterday was a good beginning for Terry and I. We visited our first brewpub (Wynkoop) and it was only a 15 minute walk from Josh’s condo. Easy and casual. Today—two brewpubs! Breckenridge Brewing Company here in Denver, and later in the day—Shamrock Brewing Company in Pueblo. Also, I met with my Dad one more time. Terry and I made a quick stop in Lone Tree, CO, which worked nicely as it was on the way to Pueblo.

A quick reflection: It was nice to have spent time with my nephew Josh in Denver. Even though it was under stressful circumstances that I arrived, it turned out to have some good blessings. I was able to get some good sleep, enjoy life for a few days with Josh, David, and my Dad. It was nice taking a break from follow-up calls with brewpubs, constant emails, blogs, planning/organizing each ride *each* day. There is so much behind the scenes work to pull this off.

Back on the treadmill. Terry and I packed up, loaded his car, made a silly vlog (which is like a blog, but using video, not written) while loading his car, then took off to Breckenridge Brewery. We met up with Kyle, a young dude who works in Marketing. Kyle told me that he stuttered and there might be times when he might stutter a little and would that be ok while filming? That immediately impressed me. Here’s a guy who has been stuttering all his life, has been working to overcome it, and is currently working in Marketing and is a Tour Guide at the facility. Yep, public speaking. How many people refuse to speak in public *without* having the challenge of stuttering. Kyle won’t let that stop him. By the way, he gave a great tour and shared some of Breckenridge’s flagship beers. One of them the Vanilla Porter, was outstanding. I’m not a big Porter fan, but this one was light, delicious, and not overbearing (just over 5% alcohol).

After leaving Breckenridge Brewery, Terry and I drove south on I-25 to Pueblo, which was where the project had been truncated about 10 days prior when Matt, my first videographer decided to leave. About 20 minutes into our drive, we stopped in Lone Tree (south Denver) to see my Dad for a few minutes. The prior Friday, I had met up with him for lunch–the first time we had spoken to each other in 25 years. It went really well. We parked the car, I saw my Dad outside, we gave each other a hug, and then Dad asked Terry if he could take a picture of us. Terry took a few shots, then—with my Dad’s ok — we shot some video of he and I. During the filming, I said that I wanted to dedicate the remainder of this project to him. He answered, “Wow, that’s a lot of pressure.” Then he paused, smiled and said, “But I’ll take it.” We gave each other another hug, and then Terry and I continued on to Pueblo. I’m glad Dad and I got to see each other one more time before I continued. It was a very good thing.

Terry and I arrived at the Shamrock Brewing Company at about 6pm. We were immediately greeted by Joe, the manager, who welcomed us to have some dinner on them, and when the crowd had receded a little, he could give an interview. Great! Dinner was delicious (and so was the Amber beer). They have a great selection of Irish cuisine, for both appetizers and main dishes. One of their appetizers was amazing: Shamrock’s Famous Scotch Eggs—hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried crisp. My main dish was their Jameson Steak, cooked with sauteed veggies. Really good.

About an hour later, Joe was ready for an interview, so we did it right in the middle of the restaurant with the brewing tanks captured in the background. Joe was a natural on camera as he later told me, he had worked in theater. Nice! We also interviewed two of his servers: Evelina and Jennifer, both of whom had great input about their clientele, which beers are ordered the most in the summer, etc. By the way, for a great summertime beer at Shamrock, try the Steel City Gold — fresh, crisp, and clean.

Today had been a full day!