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The morning in Cave City began with a very serious downpour. Apparently Mother Nature just won’t give it a rest with this constant rain. At around 11am it finally diminished enough that I was able to take off for our next destination, Bardstown, KY. Yeehaw!

I had biked about 10 miles when I came to Mumfordville, KY and a sign that pointed down a dirt road to a Civil War battlefield. No way! I had to check this out, as I had never been to one, and this particular one was still in plain view. There were no buildings or developments built on it. In fact there was a house and a couple sheds from that period of the 1860’s — still standing. Quite remarkable. The particular battle that took place there was the Battle of Mumfordville in 1862, in which there were about 5,000 causalities from both sides (Union and Confederate soldiers). I wondered if you could still find a musket ball or some other piece of weaponry still out there. Amazing that our country actually went to war *against its own people*. There was a man–forgot his name–who was 102 years old when the Civil War first began in 1861. He actually fought in the Revolutionary War back in 1770’s to help bring Independence to the U.S., and stand as one against the British. Can you imagine what he was thinking during the onset of the Civil War?

I biked for about another 20 miles then came upon Lincoln’s birthplace. Geez, I’m feeling like a tourist! The area where he lived as a boy was untainted, and it was actually part of the Park system, so it is in good shape and cared for. It was cool to walk in the area where Lincoln lived as a boy. I took a few pictures then got back on the bike, and contined on to Bardstown. I got a call from Terry that he was in Bardstown and found us an accommodation for the night — we were going to stay at a Firestation house! He met the Commander at the Station and asked if we could stay there overnight, as some Firestations welcome cyclists to spend a night or two. The Commander told us that he would share their dinner with Terry and I later in the evening. Cool! That gave me a morale boost, knowing that we were all set for the night.

The ride was a total of 75 miles up and down steep hills, and I arrived in Bardstown at 8:30pm, just when it was becoming dark. Bardstown has about 11,800 people, and is very Mayberry RFD in the sense that I saw families walking down the sidewalks eating ice cream from a local spot, and just enjoying themselves. There seemed to be a good mood in the air. Speaking of “in the air”, you could smell brewing from the bourbon distilleries down the road. But it was faint, not overbearing at all. I found out later that Bardstown produces 2% of the *world’s* bourbon. Incredible.

I entered the Fire Station and was immediately greeted by one of the staff, Kerry. He was a good guy, aware of my arrival, and totally set me up with dinner in their kitchen. Pasta salad, cucumber salad, and grilled pork chops awaited me. Since I was among guys, and thus no one cared about my eating etiquette…I basically leaned my head back in my chair and turned the plate of food towards my mouth. There was even ice cream! Know how they got it? They were called to an ice-cream truck that had fallen on its side last week. There were cases of ice cream bars that fell out of the truck and the driver, unhurt, said that they could not be delivered to the stores and would have to be thrown out. The firemen said they would “rescue” them and brought all the cases back to the station. Since they were free, I ate seven of them — and I’m still losing weight! I’m down to my college weight btw…162lbs.

I chatted with the firemen for awhile and then took a much needed shower, then wrote a blog and went to bed — in a bed in my own room. Pretty nice.