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Nice to have a free stay at a campsite… and it was just because I’m supporting two charities in my “Beer on a Roll” project across the U.S. Thank You!

I wanted to catch up on my blogs so, I spent most of the morning at a nearby cafe writing away. The woman who owned the cafe, Page, was so motherly to me. She told me to be careful with traffic, stay hydrated because of the record heat wave occurring in S. Utah, don’t push myself too hard, etc. I think she liked me because when I went to pay my bill for a breakfast sandwich, she said “Don’t worry about it.” Thank you again. As I was leaving Page said, “Watch out for the runners in the Canyon… there’s a relay race from Torrey to Escalante!”

Sure enough, when I began my bike ride, I saw support vans picking up and dropping off runners on the shoulder of Scenic Hwy 14. It was hot as hell, and I could tell these runners were suffering. I was too, but — based on the constant grimaces I encountered — they appeared to have it worse. At one point, after a serious climb, I had a really fun descent through the canyon roads. I recorded it on the GoPro camera…click here to check it out.

Yikes it was hot, so about 2pm, I took my bike off the road and walked down to a creek and dipped myself in the water. I think I saw a few steam bubbles pop up from the water. Very refreshing. I got back on my bike and climbed and climbed and climbed up some very steep passes. I was getting angry at these passes… looking back now, it was funny — as I said out loud to the mountain passes, “No, you’re not demoralizing me… I’m coming after *you*!” That was actually fun. 🙂 I kept pedaling away, and finally came upon Boulder, UT (always thought the only Boulder was the one where I was born….in Colorado).  I was spent, as I came around a corner and saw a local restaurant with outdoor seating. Matt was there finishing a bite, and so I joined him… and had a beer –*but* in Utah you can’t just order a beer….you must order food *with* it. Otherwise, no beer for you. You Utes are weird that way… mandating customers to eat, just because they want a beer. Here’s an idea… make a law that makes sense.

Matt and I went to a forrested area down the road from the Eat or No Drink restaurant and found a campsite. It was a freebie, as the person at the gate said, “Just find an open area.” It was a nice break from the organized campsites where there are lots and your neighbors are fairly close to you. We had the place to ourselves…nice. The sun went down, a nice breezed passed through the tent, and I fell asleep. Although I was dirty and smelly, I was loving sleeping in this solitude.