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This is about biking from Bardstown, KY to Berea, KY, making a wrong turn, enjoying some A/C, establishing a new speed record, and finding good sleep in Lexington, KY.

I slept well in my room at the firestation, especially since there were no calls to the fire department during the night (that’s the way to put out your cigarettes before going to bed, Bardstown-ites). I took my wake-my-butt-up shower, had some breakfast, wrote a blog, packed my things and took off. The next destination was 80 miles away, Berea.  Just before leaving the firestation, one of the volunteers, Kerry, gave Terry and I our own bottle of Kentucky Bourbon, distilled here in Bardstown. Thanks Kerry! When Kerry isn’t volunteering at the firestation, he’s preaching at his church. I guess in Kentucky, it’s not a sin to enjoy some good Bourbon. 🙂

It was hot and humid this morning, and within minutes of my ride, my shirt was getting soaked (with sweat). There were many twists and turns along the route, and you had to be really alert to making a required turn onto a new road. Well, I was doing fine with that until about two hours into my ride, and I missed a turn. It turns out, it was an unmarked sign, so I’ll give myself alittle slack for having missed it. But crap, I went over seven miles the wrong way, so I had to find my way back and proceed with the correct route. Rats, now the ride will be a total of 95 miles…on this humid day (more fluids needed!).

I encountered a couple dogs who went for the attack while I was biking down a county road. I shot them. They are no longer with us. Then, after about twenty-five straight miles without seeing a convenience store or gas station, viola!…I arrived into Rose City (but I didn’t see one freaking rose!) and came upon their local grocery mart. Stepping into the air-conditioned store was so relieving, as the heat and humidity had taken their toll. I downed water, gatorade, coke, more water, a turkey sandwich, a salad, a bowl of beans, and chocolate cake. It was a nice snack before my real meal, later. I sat at a table in the air-conditioned store for almost an hour — not the best idea given I was already running behind from having missed that turn earlier in the day. But it felt good.

OK, time to get the hell out of here. While riding I spoke with a man in Lexington, who was willing to host Terry and I for a couple nights via Warm Showers. It was thirty-five miles north of the TransAm route, but we thought it would be nice to stay with the man and his wife for a couple nights. I biked and biked like a crazy dude. I was covering alot of road and at one point my average speed was 18mph for an entire hour…a new record for me. I took a short rest and my shirt was so soaked, it was dripping. I gulped a large gatorade at a Dollar Store then proceeded with a fast pace to Berea, about another twenty miles away…and the sun was setting (sheet!). I was feeling fine as I maintained a quick pace up and down the hills of rural/central Kentucky. Finally I arrived into Berea and met up with Terry in a local parking lot. We put the bike on the rack, affixed to the trunk and took off for a thirty-minute drive to Lexington.

Bob and his wife Beverly greeted Terry and I, and welcomed us to their home. Actually they welcomed us into their guest house, near their house, and what a nice place. We had our own beds, shower, closet, living room area, and a fridge (where a welcome bottle of wine was chilling). How nice!  There was also A/C (thank you!). Terry and I hit the sack right away, and after 95 miles of some hard biking in the torrid heat/humidity, I feel asleep pretty quickly.