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This blog is about my bike ride to Falls of Rough, dealing with mentally disturbed dogs, and getting a free meal from a guy who almost hit me with his car.

Thanks so much to Bob and Violet for letting Terry and I stay in their rooms at First Baptist Church in Sebree, KY. Very cool. Now we are off to our next destination, Falls of Rough, KY — about 65 miles away. Terry and I did some more analysis of the videos, so we didn’t get out of Sebree until 12pm. Although I had to pull of the road for shelter from the rain a few times, I was able to arrive into Falls of Rough at 6pm. Not bad.

I gotta say… the rolling lush green hills of middle and southern Kentucky have been spectacular. All has been great as I’ve made my way through the rural areas of Kentucky… well, except for the #%@&ing dogs. They are rampant, and for some reason, a bike just sets them off as if someone lit their freaking tails on fire. Seriously, I’m quiet as I bike up and down the hills, but you’d think I was screaming obscenities at them. The bastards just come at me. One time I just stopped my bike and dismounted when I saw the dog freaking out and running at me. As soon as I stopped and was off my bike, the dog stopped as well…was totally quiet and had an expression of, “Well *you’re* no fun!” and walked back to his yard. Another time, a dog tried to cut me off on the road, and as soon as I saw the angle he was taking to meet me at the road, I took a direct line at him…and came after him! The dog didn’t know what to do, and you could see it in his eyes (now *this* is becoming fun for me!). He jumped out of the way, lost his momentum and stumbled. (haha!) I took advantage and sped up and it was too late for him to regain himself and come after me. I was gone. Can a dog flip you off with his paw? I believe that’s what I saw in my review mirror.

Falls of Rough is a small community (it’s not even a town) that has a scenic lake called… drumroll please… Rough Lake! Terry had found a motel (The Resort) that was cyclist friendly and they gave us a 25% discount. The proprietors were so nice, ensuring I had enough water in my bottles for the following day. I was famished (not a surprise) and went down the road to a local eatery. While there I met a couple on vacation in Kentucky. They had told me that they remembered me from a few days ago and admitted that they had almost run into me with their car, to which I immediately replied, “Oh thanks, appreciate that!” I don’t recall the incident and am very keen of my surroundings while I’m biking, so I’m surprised I didn’t remember them, nor their car outside. But they said it was me, and I joked that they should pay for my dinner. They were a really cool couple, and we got along so well during dinner. And guess what — they DID pay for my dinner! Thanks Stan!

Back to the motel and beddy bye at 12am (constantly writing/updating my website gets me to bed late….that’s just the way it is).