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Today I get a rest day, not because it is one of my designated rest days, but because of the fiasco with my videographer taking off all the way to Blanding, UT yesterday. So to reach him, I had to bike 125 miles (a new record for me) in the 108 degree heat to Blanding. Today I was going to riding from Hite, UT to Blanding, but since I’m already here (and kind of a walking corpse right now)… I’m taking the day off, and it won’t put me behind (that’s a positive take-away from this nutty experience).

I immediately went searching for a new motel, and since Blanding has only about 5,500 people, it didn’t take long to find a cheap place. Right when I entered the lobby, the lady at the desk was so welcoming (and it was geniune, not forced or fake like alot of places) and warm, and then I immediately saw two of the MIT students (we keep bumping into each other!). Claire and Titienne were on their computers updating their blogs and getting ready to head out of town for their next destination. Immediately the energy of the room rose as we all shared stories since the last time we saw each other in Cedar City, UT. Claire told me that she had accidentally stepped on a tent stake and it pierced her foot. She’s so positive that she even recited that painful story with a smile and laugh. I told them about my crazy-long ride the previous day, which they couldn’t believe. I still don’t.

After they left, I got a room at the hotel while Matt secured a spot for both himself and Hurley at a local campground. Since it was so hot out, I told Matt that he and Hurley could just hang out in my room all day. I didn’t have twist their arm/paw. Basically I spent the remainder of the day updating the website (it’s a challenge, as most of the time I’m biking, eating, or sleeping), which was much needed. A couple times I went for a walk up the street, just to get out and stretch the legs, but for the most part, I didn’t do anything physical.