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Lexington was a great stop! We had two great hosts (Bill and Beverly) who provided an excellent guesthouse all to ourselves, two fantastic dinners with Bill, Beverly, their grown children, and grand-kids, a video shoot of a local Craft Brewery (West Sixth Brewery), and a tour of some of the historical areas of Lexington, which Bob took me on. But now it was time to get sweaty, dirty, and fatigued again (oh joy!)

Before heading out, I made a few more phone calls and sent a few follow-up emails for some potential brewery videotaping sessions. I hope we can finish this “Beer on a Roll” with a bang, by having five or six more sponsored breweries joining as participants in the Documentary movie. We’ll go through Virginia (D.C.), Maryland (Baltimore), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), New Jersey (various places), and New York (Brooklyn…biatch) and hopefully hit six or seven solid breweries.

We finally took off from the great city of Lexington—which reminded me somewhat of Austin, TX—at about 12pm. We drove south, back down to the TransAmerica bike route to continue the bicycling. Since we had spent two days longer than we anticipated spending in Lexington (but a good thing we did), we decided to move ahead on the course and go to Hindman, KY—a very small town (pop. 700), but a good place to be for biking, as it was nestled next to the Appalachian mountains. I asked Terry to drop me off about twenty-five miles before Hindman, so I could get a decent ride before taking on a monster ride the following day. I biked up a mountain (man, it was steep) about fifteen minutes into my ride, then went up and down hills the remainder of the ride.

I arrived into Hindman and went straight to the First Baptist Church, as Terry had already arrived and found free accommodations there. Steve was the pastor, and he invited Terry and I to attend the youth ministry which began about ten minutes after my arrival. There was singing, preaching (from Steve), and some social time afterward. I skipped the social time with the high school crowd and went straight across the street to the local pizza joint. I was famished. I put away a large pepperoni pizza—it totally hit the spot.