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This is about biking 116 miles from Hindman, KY to Rosedale, VA — and then getting a lift into Damascus, VA. One of the highlights was crossing over The Breaks Interstate park in KY/VA.

Thanks to Steven, the pastor at First Baptist Church, for allowing Terry and I to crash in the church for the night in Hindman, KY. The churches along the route have been great. Thanks again!

Today I had an urge to catch up with my two Dutch friends, Peter and Ilsa. They were a day ahead of me, but I was determined to catch up with them and hang out one more time, before we split off a few days later. In order to do that, I would need to establish a new mileage record to achieve that. I’d need to leave early, about 7:30am, and bike until 8pm. I could do it; I’d be dead, but I could do it.

Unfortunately at 7:30am the narrow road had a plethora of cars making their way to work, school, etc. There was no shoulder and I didn’t want to put myself in jeopardy, so I decided to roll out at 9am, when it was much safer. Sure enough, when 9am arrived, traffic had dramatically lessened along the road. I felt I made a good decision to just wait it out. I was on my bike and took off to Damascus, VA where I wrote the Dutchies that I would be by end of day, and that we could meet up there. I figured that would be a logical stop for them–based on their schedule. I was hauling butt along the Appalachian Mtn range….so beautiful. The actual Appalachian Trail was only about a half mile away….wouldn’t mind hiking that baby one day (at least a portion of it). The road went up and down, with very winding turns, especially felt while flying down the descents of the mountain passes. Funny how even though the mountains were not as high as the Rockies in Colorado, they were actually steeper. I found myself having to stand on my pedals—in the “Granny” gear!! I was working/breathing hard. Fortunately, we had a reprieve from the humidity and heat, as it was about 75 F, and clear. Thanks!

After about five hours I had biked about 55 miles and had arrived into Elkhorn City, KY. I took a rest, which was the last rest I took before crossing the border into Virginia. I biked about twenty-five minutes and came across The Breaks Interstate Park. It was a massive park, and the road had a lookout down a mountainside to see a rushing river below (The Breaks). I took a few pics then pedaled about 10 more minutes until I crossed into Virginia (yay!). I had finally reached the Eastern most State along my route (SF – VA)…although I’ll be going in a northern direction from Virginia….gotta get to NY (Brooklyn). I made it all the way to a place called Rosedale, then it became too dark, so I called Terry to give me a lift the rest of the way to Damascus. I had bike 116 miles today….not too shabby.

In Damascus, we stayed at a hostel for just cyclists and hikers. It was $6/night–a great deal, and tucked inside some trees and on a half acre of land. The temperature dropped as I lay down for the night. It was about 60F. Unfortunately I did not find the Dutchies, but maybe tomorrow…my last chance to see them, before we split up for good.