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As I opened the front of my tent and crawled outside…I was struck by the enormous sprawl of the Sierra Nevada mountain range across the horizon on this beautiful, sunny, blue-skied morning. How cool it is to wake-up outside in nature like this. Immediately, Hurley ran over to me and gave me a good morning kiss (nothing like doggie slobber to start the day :).  I took my morning shower (it’s my “coffee” to begin the day), then packed up my tent and Matt and I went to grab breakfast at a local eatery with WiFi. I wanted to get on my computer and see if Jim from High Sierra Brewing wanted to partner together for a stop at his brewpub. His answer was Yes. So Matt and I finished our breakfast and took off to High Sierra.

We walked into High Sierra and were immediately greeted by Jim, a heck of a nice guy, just genuinely nice. Jim told us about his place and the plans to expand. Then Matt interjected and said, “Hey, let’s get this on film!” So we began rolling the tape and Jim took us into the back where the brewery was located. For a brewpub, he had some sizeable tanks (30 barrels tanks, I believe), and *still* they were not producing enough to meet demand. So they are in the midst of making plans for expansion, definitely a good thing. Jim’s brewmaster, Jeff, took us through three of their top sellers: Seamus O’Faolian Irish Red (Ale), which has a light amber color, medium-low bitterness, and very clean and smooth. The 4’10” Jen Blonde (Ale) which has a medium yellow color and a soft malt profile, with low hop bitterness. This was so refreshing! Finally we ended with the Black Pussykat Imperial–an intensely flavored, big, dark ale. Dark fruit flavors meld with coffee and chocolate. Good stuff! We also had an order of High Sierra’s Award-winning chicken wings. Damn good, very damn good.Matt and I thanked Jim, letting him know that we would follow up with the video link for his approval. Matt and I went to our next destination Fallon, NV which would not include a brewpub stop. Actually the next three stops wouldn’t include brewpub stops. You see, much of this adventure *is* just that, an adventure… giving us time to enjoy life in the great outdoors as well. It was a 50-mile ride for me, but because I had a nice tailwind, I arrived in just 2.5 hours. Man, that was freaking cool! I’d like to order tailwinds for everybody! On me! Matt and I caught up at Fallon’s WalMart, and began a search for a cheap motel. We found one, and the good news is tomorrow will include a rest stop, ie, no biking at all. I so need that. Throughout this journey I will incorporate one complete day/week dedicated to rest. This will also be a good thing as it will give me the necessary rest for my next ride, Wednesday June 19, 112 miles (Fallon – Austin, NV).

Matt and I found a suitable hotel in Fallon, which –sorry Fallonites — is kind of a dustbowl, but we’re in the Nevada desert baby… this isn’t Kansas, Dorothy. We both chowed down at the local Subway (turkey on wheat…it rocks) then began working on the website… writing a couple blogs with Matt editing and uploading video. It was painstaking at times, but good to get content uploaded onto the website. Finally hit the sack at 11pm.