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Up at about 8am here in Austin, NV; I got on my email and sent out a note to all my friends, asking if they knew anyone who was a photographer/videographer, who might be able to take over once Matt left the project Saturday morning (leaving Ely, NV, our final stop and going back to Indiana). I asked Matt for a ride to Denver, since he would be driving that direction, and he said no problem. I would meet up with my nephew Josh, and begin recruiting/interviewing potential videographers. Hopefully there is someone appropriate who can begin in the next 2-3 days. I then spoke with Matt and tied up loose ends to make this transition as seamless as possible, although that would depend on how quickly I could find a new videographer. We also spoke about the money I had already paid him up front and what I figured he needed to return to me.  Then I got on my bike and rode out of Austin, NV for Eureka, NV.

Immediately there was a very steep climb out of Austin, up a mountain pass that was truly challenging — and we were already at about 6,500 ft elevation. I was making the ascent at a slow but steady pace. After a few minutes, Matt drove by very slowly, and it appeared he was catching my climb on video (camera mounted on his door). “That’s cool”, I thought… nice to know he’s still doing his job up until the end. The descent from the summit was exhilarating, as went around winding turns at about 45 mph. So fun! Then things leveled out and I was in the middle of nowhere, on my way to Eureka, NV–about 70 miles away. I took some pics along the way, which you’ll see below. The land was so vast, desolate, and open. As I was biking along Hwy 50, Matt had pulled the car over ahead of me, set up his camera on the shoulder of the road and took some more video. The video of my climb combined with the one on the flat road will be uploaded soon, so you can get a sense of biking in BFE, United States.

After taping the segment of my biking, Matt took off for Eureka. I met up with him about 5pm, as I had a good pace through the flatlands and over the summits of the mountain passes. Matt and I found a cheap motel, then went across the street in this small town of 2,000 people and had a beer at the local restaurant. Even though there was some tension between us, there was also still a certain camaraderie — which was interesting to notice. We wanted to catch Game 7 of the NBA finals between San Antonio and Miami, so we went back to the motel and watched it on TV. It was a great game, and Miami took it, winning their second straight championship. Tomorrow we go to Ely, NV, our last stop before driving to Denver, CO to stay with my nephew Josh and find a new videographer.