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Today was a day off from biking… so Terry and I could focus on editing the footage we had taken from the past five days in which we filmed four breweries (a very busy — but in a good way — week). It also gave me a chance to update my website, my Twitter, Facebook, reply to emails, etc.

My legs have been sore lately, as the last few days I’ve been pushing myself up and down the hills. Some of these hills are actually steeper than the mountains in the Rockies of Colorado (yeah, in freaking Illinois and Kentucky!). Burning the thighs, but fortunately only for a short while, as these hills don’t climb as high as the Rockies (spank you very much). Due to this crazy — everyday — workout, I’m eating like a newborn bird… tilting my head back just as they do, then dropping loads of food into my mouth (seriously, sometimes I do just that). It’s weird to be eating like I’m back in high school again. I’ve indulged a few times in some sweets too, ice cream and chocolate — knowing I’ll burn it off in no time. But for the most part, I eat very healthy food… it’s better fuel for the bod.

Pastor Bob at First Baptist Church was so cool to let us stay an extra day. “Yeah, no problem Mike. You and Terry can stay another day, although Violet and I will not be here tonight, so she won’t be making supper.” I told Terry the news that we could stay another day, but there would be no supper. Terry began to cry. “I know man”, I said “Violet’s food was to die for”. I gave Terry a tissue. We had to resort to Plan B for supper. Sometimes you can have the most awesome burger, pizza, mexican food–or whatever–in a small town. That’s just what happened when we ordered a pizza for supper from the local pizza shop. Deep dish, baby (need the carbs!), and wow—ok, not like Violet’s gold medal meal, but silver isn’t too shabby.

I’m going to call this blog post done, I mean… it’s my day off folks! 🙂